Val Graveglia is the right place for a relaxing holiday. Breathe the pure air of the countryside, have a chat with the farmer who patiently raises the cattle and cultivates his crop. Everything here brings the visitor back to a simpler dimension of life, a small world to be rediscovered that moves according to the rhythms of the seasons, full of surprises and undoubtedly fascinating.

In fact, agriculture is now the driving force of this territory, bequeathed to the inhabitants of today by those who had once laboriously worked in the mines of manganese, a mineral of which Val Graveglia, due to its special geological features, found itself to be an important exporter in the past. In what is now the Mining Museum of the Gambatesa Mine, stories of men and women alternate, and in the 20th century in particular, they allowed the Valley to flourish economically. Certainly not easy existences, which were often subjected to great risks when it was time to venture into the narrow tunnels dug in the depths of the earth, to snatch from the mountain its precious treasure.

But the hamlets, the small agglomerations of these areas certainly have more ancient origins. Already in the VIII Century the Obertenghi endowed the territory with various castles to face the attacks of Saracen pirates. In the XIth century the district had instead passed into the hands of the powerful Fieschi di Lavagna family, who soon had a castle built in the locality of Zerli. From the XIII century the dominion of these lands passed to the Republic of Genoa, which administered them until in 1797 the area passed under the aegis of Napoleon Bonaparte. Even the ancestors of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the well-known "Hero of the Two Worlds" were from Ne: it was recently ascertained that in particular his grandfather, a certain Angelo Garibaldi, was born right here, around the middle of the 18th Century.

In short, a territory rich not only in Nature but also in great History.


There are even attractions for sports lovers. For them there are available in the area a series of routes of varying difficulty, able to satisfy the most diverse needs. There are so many possibilities, with paths and mule tracks that develop along the entire mountain area of the Alta Val Graveglia. Among the most famous itineraries: the "Anello del Monte Zatta" and the "Boscolandia-Case Soprane" route. The sportsman cannot help but be surprised by the views he will encounter on his way. Areas immersed in wild nature, sometimes ready to open unexpectedly in vast and uncontaminated plateaus like in the Casoni area, on Mount Chiappozzo.

Here the wildlife is particularly present and varied. The inland areas of Liguria are traditionally populated by the shy wild boar, but also by the roe deer, by the badger, and more recently we have also seen a return of the porcupine. Among the birds, the owl stand out, while wild horses deserve a separate mention. These wild horse herds move undisturbed on the territory, sometimes damaging the farmers' crops. For this reason there has often been talk of gathering the specimens in protected and supervised areas, but for now they continue to gallop free, and to meet them in some meadow while quietly grazing together with their little ones is always one of the most fascinating and unusual.


The peasant tradition of Val Graveglia also brings with it a wealth of typical local products that will surely be appreciated by lovers of good food.

Widespread in these areas is in fact the production of both sheep's and goat's cheeses and of cured meats directly from the local farms, whose farms are based on the best care for livestock and the most genuine nutrients. Farmers are also involved in keeping alive many "historic" horticultural crops in the area such as the Zerli Red Onion, "tapparona" hazelnut and "quarantine" potatoes.

Here among the mountains of Val Graveglia the tireless bees have always produced their golden honey, mainly with the nectar of the chestnut tree. Excellent companion in Italian breakfast, this natural dessert can also be used in the production of soothing products such as the famous "Propolis", an effective weapon in the prevention of winter cooling. Speaking of sweets, one cannot fail to mention the "Ninette", the typical dessert of Val Graveglia, excellent biscuits to be enjoyed in the morning along with a good cup of milk, tea or coffee, but particularly suitable for the combination with the "bidulli"'s infusion (an infusion with carle apples from the area dried in slices).

Other typical dishes of the area are then the Castagnaccio, the Torta Baciocca, the Torta di Riso, the delicious Testaieu ... but these are just some examples of the many delicacies to be discovered, rediscovered and tasted!

Finally, a look at the wines. The district is a traditional producer of white wines such as Vermentino and Bianchetta Genovese, but also reds such as Ciliegiolo. These local products are complemented by other more well-known regional products such as the Sciacchetrà of the Cinque Terre, the Pigato and the Rossese, the latter coming from the Riviera di Ponente.

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